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About us

SCM Finland is an ecumenical and international student organization. Our core values radical love, dialogicity and the responsibility to take care of our common creation guide our work in everything we do.

SCM Finland has a few local associations around Finland, in Helsinki, Turku, Joensuu and Tampere. The local associations arrange thematical discussion evenings and different types of events for students to participate in. We also publish two magazines, Ad Lucem in Swedish, and Etsijä in Finnish. Both of our magazines are online publications.

Our organization is a part of the worldwide WSCF – World Christian Student Federation, and we are also in active contact with our European sister organizations.

Looking for a community?

You are warmly welcomed to join us in both our local communities in Helsinki, Joensuu, Tampere and Turku or in any national events. Our events are mainly in Finnish but we are very happy to accomodate any international students who’d like to join us. The easiest way is probably to contact one of our staff and discuss your wishes and what event it would be easiest for you to join. Please do not be nervous about the language barrier! We are very happy to adjust and love to have international students among us!

What does it mean that we are ecumenical?

Historically the Lutheran church is a majority church in Finland and therefore SCM Finland has always been and still is quite closely connected to the Lutheran church. This means that are prayer life etc. is often “lutheran like” in nature. However, we do have active students from a number of different churches and we love to welcome people from any churches. Our activities reflect the students that plan them and participate in them and we’d love for you to join us and enrich our community with your tradition. On a practical note, we’d also like to help you to find your own church and its events in Finland. So, if you are, for example, Catholic and a trouble in finding information about a Catholic church near your university, please contact us and we’ll help you. Sometimes it is confusing to navigate all the info in Finnish!

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